Makeup: Discussion Set 9A

Through copyright laws and implementing fines, there seems to be a discouragement of creativity to the general public. Through this, companies and people are able to protect their material. This leaves a lot of fixed media, in which the general public is only exposed to certain things, sometimes even repeatedly. Creativity should be encouraged everywhere, including schools. Nowadays, I think creativity is more widely expressed compared to time period and scenes from RIP! There are many social media outlets people are able to use such as YouTube, SoundCloud, blogging websites, and more where people take advantage of expressing what they want. Creativity may not only be associated with the arts, such as paintings, film, or music, but it can be used in other industries, like in engineering and business. If children, even high school students, are able to practice their creativity early on, their ways of thinking can evolve. There was an article I saw a long time ago that talked about how people who were described as “lazy” was not a bad trait. It showed how these “lazy people” were able to figure out efficient and quick ways to solve a problem, proving that they were judged too quickly and smarter than they seem. I would think creativity plays a huge role in this situation. People are able to think of alternative ways to do things. It would not be smart to not give people a chance and suppress them of their capabilities, and because of this, creativity should be highly encouraged everywhere.